Dan Product Update #9

4 min readJul 13, 2023


The Dan team has been busy with another round of product updates, continuing with our mission to make domain trading available to everyone.

1. Afternic Custom Landers and Lease to Own

Afternic recently implemented two big updates that now provide Afternic sellers with access to Dan features.

Afternic sellers can now use our high-performing Dan landing pages to list their domains for sale with a Buy Now price. Afternic customers will notice larger GoDaddy branding on their landing pages, providing the opportunity to combine our incredible landing pages with GoDaddy’s brand awareness.

Users of those Afternic landing pages will also be able to access Lease to Own services for the first time. In addition to showing a Lease to Own option on the landing page, Afternic’s Lease to Own functionality will be integrated through GoDaddy’s search path, meaning customers at GoDaddy can buy your domains on a payment plan through their registrar experience.

2 — Set a default minimum offer for your domain portfolio

The minimum offer value provides a guide for buyers to understand the value that a seller places on a domain.

From now, sellers can set a minimum offer that will be applied to all new and existing domains in their portfolios. This can provide sellers with consistency across their portfolio.

3 — Captcha Verification for User Settings

We added an additional layer of authentication for customers making changes to their user information. Now, to save changes to user information, customers will need to complete a Captcha verification.

4 — BitPay BTC Payout Automation

BitPay completely replaced our current BTC payout method on 24 of May.

With BitPay, you can receive funds in more than 16+ cryptocurrencies faster, and more securely. Please make sure to activate your BitPay account in your payout settings.

5 — System and Infrastructure Updates

Dan continues to work on the speed and security of our platform to provide customers with the best experience possible. With that in mind, Dan recently completed significant updates to our system and infrastructure, providing an improved user experience by improving the performance of our databases so that sellers can access information faster. The system and infrastructure updates also further improved our platform’s security.

6 — Service Fee Changes and a Commission Discount

If a domain buyer purchases a domain name on a payment plan over multiple years, a service fee applies to cover the service provided by Dan to maintain the domain name during Lease to Own, including recurring fees, renewals, DNS support and other aspects for the buyer. Historically, we split this fee with the seller, but soon, the way that we share this fee will change.

Beginning 13 July, sellers will receive a reduction in their commission rate, while the service fee for buyers remains unchanged.

For example, a seller listing their domain for sale using Dan’s nameservers, ns1.dan.com and ns2.dan.com, is eligible for our standard 15% commission rate. If that domain name sells for $30,000 with the buyer selecting a 37-month term, the seller would receive a 15% commission discount, which results in a 0% commission rate.

Dan will be moving to this model for new Lease to Own transactions. This change unifies Afternic and Dan under the same Lease to Own service fee and commission discount structure.

Here is the discount sellers can expect to receive based on the number of months selected for a Lease to Own transaction.

7. Transacting Party

Effective 13 July, sellers will transact directly with Undeveloped BV, the legal entity that owns Dan.com, when selling a domain on our site. Given this change, there could be changes to your invoice. You can learn more in the Dan Help Center. Our goal with this change is to simplify selling on Dan.

8. Currency Changes

There’s good news for sellers wanting to be paid out in their local currency. As of 7 July, all non-USD domain name listings at Dan were converted into USD. The payout can be in USD, Euro or GBP depending upon the seller’s preference.

9. New Payout and Pay-In Timing for Lease to Own

As we constantly try to enhance our Lease to Own product, we are simplifying our communications to sellers by sharing when their monthly Lease to Own payout will be sent.

As for buyer payments, we plan to implement a tighter payment schedule. Soon buyers will have 12 days to make a payment. During that 12-day period, we will work as hard as possible to ensure that the buyer submits their instalment payment. However, if no payment is received within the 12 days, the transaction will be cancelled on the 13th day.

This also allows sellers to quickly relist their domain name.

As always, the Dan team is working hard to continue providing a leading service for our customers. These updates show our continued commitment to our customers and the domain name industry.