Dan Product Update #10

3 min readSep 29, 2023


At Dan, we continue to develop and build a leading platform for domain name sellers. As part of that ongoing commitment, we are sharing some of our recent additions to Dan.

Dan Deploys GoValue Pricing Tool

GoValue, GoDaddy’s machine learning valuation model, uses millions of data points to estimate the value of a domain name.

With Buy It Now (BIN) listings having a higher chance of selling thanks to their integration into Afternic’s Distribution Network, we have made it easier to set BIN prices with the help of GoValue.

Sellers will now find a new BIN Pricing button on the ‘For Sale’ view, enabling them to create BIN prices for domains that previously didn’t have them.

Additionally, sellers have the flexibility to modify the BIN price for all domains, based on the current GoValue price, within the range of $0 and $25,000.

Sellers can update pricing based on GoValue either individually through the ‘For Sale’ view or in bulk using the bulk toolbar. Sellers will also notice a new ‘Estimated Value’ column, where they can easily access this feature for individual listings.

Introducing Domain Categories

We have recently implemented an exciting enhancement to our ‘For Sale’ view — the addition of a ‘Category’ column.

Categories, which can be created on the sidebar, help sellers segment their domain name portfolio for easier management and tracking.

The addition of the ‘Category’ column makes it easy to identify categorized listings and spot any that need categorizing.

‘Hide Domain Name’ Option for Brandable Template

Since the launch of our brandable template, it has become a popular choice among domain sellers to highlight their brandable domain names.

Many sellers often like to include a logo as part of their on-screen marketing. In response to customer feedback, we have enhanced flexibility to prominently feature brandable logos.

Sellers that use our brandable template will now be able to decide whether they want to showcase their domain name on the landing page image or keep it hidden to better display the domain’s logo.

This option is only available to sellers who have selected a brandable template and have uploaded a logo.